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Experience A Collision

CEOs, Presidents and Business Leaders
Connecting, Collaborating in a Peer Leadership Community 


The C4 Collisions... 

To get notified for any upcoming C4 events, please get on my INVITE LIST.

NO SELLING at these gatherings, it's all about the dialog, the interests, the

connections and collisions of synergies. (It is for CEOs, Presidents, and

Business Leaders who are at the top leading organizations.) 

Accelerate your growth.

Rev up your success.

Learn from your peers.

Meet and form relationships with Leading Experts.  

For over 13 years I have been connecting Leaders to each other. I connect, collaborate and help them cultivate no BS relationships with their peers. Many of the leaders I connect go on to interview, for a seat on a Vistage Peer Advisory Board/Group, and leverage the wisdom of a ongoing brain trust. This is often the only place CEOs and business owners have to turn for confidential, agenda-free advice.

Throughout the year, I bring together CEOs, Presidents and Business Leaders who are NOT in Vistage to explore what happens when I connect C-suite peers who have high-integrity, who are constant learners, love to collaborate, connect and be challenged. When they gather (be it at my home, over breakfast, dinner or at a venue and online) they experience what I call a C4 Collision.  (C4 stands for explosive). I've connected people throughout the US and also worldwide during online C4 Collisions.


Those who are invited, are avid learners and seek out thought leaders. They are extremely curious about success strategies that have been tried and tested. Many are visionaries, other's very knowledgeable in finance, some in operations and building sales teams. They operate with a growth mindset and have a high-level of emotional intelligence. When we gather as a small group that has been carefully put together -- it's an explosive conversation.  (That's why I call them C4- CEOs, Connecting, Collaborating and Finding Community).

And, at a C4 Collision--- we move past the superficial conversations and B.S. 

We roll up our sleeves and get to work connecting, collaborating and learning from each other. 



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Why Attend

Many of the top business leaders in the world have a secret. They are using Vistage

peer advisory boards/groups and executive mentorship to accelerate their business growth

and stay ahead of the competition. You can too.  Yet, you may not yet understand

what happens when peers get together. You may have pre-conceived beliefs such as: 

  • They won't understand my business

  • My competitors will be there and steal my ideas 

  • Nobody is going to give me fresh ideas because I have great consultants and a great team

  • It won't be worth my time

Add up 60+years and several hundreds of thousands of leaders and 17 countries and I could create a line of leaders from California to NY who can prove those four statements wrong when it comes to Vistage and Peer Advisory Boards/Groups.

If you haven't experienced a Peer Advisory Board- start with a C4 Collision.  I will be glad to alert you and get you connected.  Then you can decide if you want to take the next step and interview for a Peer Advisory Board.  I will help you investigate the Peer Board Experience, and I'll interview you and appoint you if I feel you have what it takes. (Peer Boards are worldwide, and they meet both in person, and online) 


Learn more about me at 


Leading with the heart is an important concept to our organization. Fitz brings Heart-based Leadership to the forefront of leadership and challenges leaders to look inside and harness the courage to create strong thriving cultures.  She understands the impact Heart-based Leadership can make and I've appreciated her mentorship regarding this concept. 

                                                                                                                                          Luke B. 



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