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                                  WHY HEART-BASED LEADERSHIP AND COURAGE MATTER

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Author of the Heartbeat Series for individuals  and organizations who want to engage in heart-based living and leading.

Coming soon!  Fitz has authored two new books soon to be released in early 2023
by Balboa /Hayhouse Publishers 
Heartbeat:  Why Being Bold, Beautiful and Brave Matter 
Heartbeat:  Staying Out Of Life's Muck By Tapping Into The Love Wisdom
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Discover how to become a Heart-based Leader and bring it into your organization. 

If you've landed on this page, the energy of your heart and your intuitiveness guided you here. Perhaps your journey is only beginning or maybe you have gone through the Positivity Intelligence Fitness Training with me and now desire even a deeper understanding of how to flow through life and leadership with ease and grace.  The heart is first place one receives energy and knowledge, yet few know how to hear it.


When the mind settles the heart can be heard, it guides, it also is the path that will lead you to your intuitive voice.  I have a purpose and passion in life to help leaders find what makes their heart sing and their mind remain in a constant flow of positivity. 

No matter how difficult the circumstances. 

This book was written after listening to over 10,000 hours with the CEOs that I mentor, coach and guide. Many of the CEOs that I mentor use their heart and intuitiveness to guide them and the majority of them are also involved in Vistage, the World's Leading CEO Organization.  Vistage is filled with heart-based leaders.

So, if you are looking for what made your heart sing when you started your company...


Or you find your life shifting and a new awareness of things is becoming present for you...


And maybe you just realize you are more awakened and conscious of things that didn't matter before...


Your heart might be calling you.

Many business leaders ask me “What could I do to make more of an impact on the people I lead?"

"Could my heart be telling me to go on one direction and my head another?"

If it is better decisions you seek. or a clear path to focus on you are in the right spot.  It's my life's work to help individuals understand the power of the heart and how it leads us. It will never fail you.

So, don't stop now!  Let's connect, co-create, and ideate on where your heart's energy is taking you. 

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