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Book your Vistage 1-2-1 Session at your convenience


I learned a lot from the pandemic.  Driving 3500 miles a month to meet personally with over 50 of my Vistage  members was something I enjoyed. However, it was not always convenient for them, and it wasted a lot of time driving to three states. Now I have members from five states and my geographic location of my members is changing.

I used to say--it's not the same if not in person.  I've changed. I think it's even better. During 1-2-1's now we can access tools online, record parts of the conversation, show documents. 

And, now I let members schedule their 1-2-1 when they want to, need to and design it around the events going on in their life. 

So,  you may still have a reoccurring 1-2-1 on my calendar and that's great!  However if you need to be a bit more flexible--- just come back here anytime and book either a one hour 

1-2-1 session or a 90 minute. 

And, some members will do a couple one hour 1-2-1's during the month. 

It's just another blessing from the pandemic, a new mindset, and a more productive use of our time. Having the extra time allows me to work on strategic items for our local and national Vistage community. 


(P.S.  you are always welcome to come to Bennington and have your 1-2-1 in person in my home office.)  

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